My Story

I'll start by introducing myself, I’m Ashley, 31 and a lover of all things glam, fancy and stylish. I've been hairdressing 15+ years and absolutely love every minute of it. Back in Feb 2018 I sat one night and thought how much I would love to get into the fashion world.

I did a lot of research and looked into the best suppliers to source the best clothes I could find and after much thought I started my online boutique. It was my partner that actually thought of the name, Love and Kisses and it kinda stuck from there. I was nervous but always being into fashion, couldn’t wait to start.

After orders were coming in and I started to grow, the opportunity came up for me to open a boutique. I've always wanted to one day own my own salon as I have worked in my Mum's salon since i was 14. I would even try to have days off school just to go to work with her. Not wanting to give up hairdressing I thought why not combine the two??

Our town needed a little something different so after a lot of hard work and stress, in September 2018, the Boutique/Salon opened. It’s not been easy, as I know a new business never is and at the moment I'm managing things on my own.

Hairdressing in the Salon, orders, packing, stock take, choosing all these clothes for you gorgeous ladies, and it’s far from an easy task. 7 days a week, its a full time job and juggling being mummy of 2 to my gorgeous boys is a challenge...

BUT I’m incredibly grateful for the people that have chosen to support me along the way and be patient with me when things haven’t quite gone to plan. At times I couldn’t have done it without you (especially my partner ❤)

And to all my loyal customers that have stood by me and continue to help me.. A massive Thank You to my customers for helping me and I hope we can continue to grow.

Here's to the future of our business and to keep providing the best service to all you babez.

Love and Kisses to you all xox